If you do not want to swim or go for a walking or cycling tour through the numerous orchards and vineyards, you can visit the nearby attractions and museums.

  • Visit Bozen, our capital city with its “Ötzi Museum”

  • Go for a hike to the Castle of Appiano in the neighboring village

  • In spring, the Spring Valley is always worth a visit

  • In December you can visit the Christmas markets all around

In the Wine Museum in Kaltern you can leran everything about winegrowing in the South Tyrol. In autumn, during the fruit and wine harvest, "Törggelen" is very popular.

Törggelen is a sucstom where you can enjoy new wine, chestnuts and salt pork along with music in one of the many local wine cellars

You will never be bored in Kaltern and it's surroundings.


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